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” Black Jack ” – one of the most popular card games. Each player plays against the dealer , using chips with a monetary denomination .

Player places his bets on a specially marked area ( boxes ) . The amount wagered on boxing must meet minimum and maximum table. If a player scores points worth in excess of 21 , his bet is lost . If the amount on the dealer’s cards is greater than 21 , then all bets are left in the game wins. Players with large amount of points than the dealer wins , their bets are paid 1:1. Players with a smaller amount of points than the dealer lose. If the total score is the sum of the player points the dealer, the drawn game : the player’s bet is not lost and is not paid.

Dealer gaining the last card , while it must take a card if he has 16 points or less, and stop when the total score 17 or more. Aces count as 1 or 11, “pictures” ( Jack, Queen , King ) – 10 points, the rest of the cards – up to their face value.

” Black Jack ” – a combination of the first two cards, giving a total of 21 points ( an ace and a ten or an ace and a “picture” ) . In this case, the player bets are paid 3:2 if the dealer does not have the same combination . ” Black Jack ” outperforms any other combination of cards, including a combination with an amount equal to 21.


After the distribution of the first two cards to play all the boxes a player can refuse to continue the game on any number of your boxes, losing half of the respective rates (SURRENDER). This can be done before the third card . The dealer does not offer to do «SURRENDER».


After the player has received the first two cards , it may double his bet obtain only one card. Permission is granted to doubling after splitting games . The dealer has to do «DOUBLE» on 9,10,11 points.


If the first two cards of the players have the same credit value , they can be separated. In this case, the player makes a side bet on the box equal to the original , and is gaining cards on each bet separately. Each pair of cards can be divided into no more than three times , except for two aces , which can be divided once. When you split aces player receives only one card on each ace . The combination of ” ace and a ten ( picture ) “, obtained after separation , is considered as 21, but not as ” Black Jack “.


If the dealer’s first card – the ace , the player can insure their cards on the possible combination of ” Black Jack ” from the dealer. To do this, the player receiving the first two cards , bets, no more than half the sum of all its bets on the line of insurance. If the dealer ” Black Jack “, then this bet wins and pays 2:1 . If the dealer go ” BLACK JACK “, the insurance bet is lost. If a player has a combination of ” Black Jack ” and the dealer’s first card – the ace , the dealer asks the player ” Even money “. This means payment of its rate of 1:1.


The box is allowed to perform up to three rates ( individual , different players), but the total amount should not exceed the maximum of the table . Players who signed their rates to the rate of the other player does not have to affect the course of the game .

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