Poker Props: Jamie Kerstetter Going Vegan for a Year for $10,000

 Fév, 09 - 2019   Nouvelles de casino

In the poker world, it doesn’t take much to get wheels moving on a prop bet. The latest involves an animal-loving carnivore putting her beliefs into action, going full vegan for a year for $10,000.

Vegan Prop Bet Terms
It all started with a tweet from David Tuchman, who seemed to be stirring up the prop bet waters. He himself responded that it would probably take $200,000 but soon after updated that the wife would not be in support of such a bet.

While most respondents put a number in the six-figure range, Jamie Kerstetter, the « Queen of Poker Twitter, » replied with a reasonable $10,000 saying she was “interested in doing it anyway and it would cover the more expensive grocery bills.”

Perkins, who is known for booking props that push people to be better versions of themselves, took her up on it. And the terms were set.

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