Poker, money and guns, « King instagram » told Larry King about his lifestyle

 Nov, 03 - 2016   News

The guest of Larry King Now a new program on the RT became Dan bilzeran – « King instagrama » and professional poker player, earning multi-million dollar state of the game. A detailed photo report about life in social media in a big way Dan has brought many fans and not less haters. Host Larry King found out how it all began.

« At first, everyone thought that I was rich idiot, money Burn parents. But I played pretty loose style. You could say that I am one of the first loose-aggressive players. Fight with me was fun, « – says bilzeran.

According to the poker stars, his biggest win of all time – $ 10.8 million.

In the media and social networks had a rather controversial way in life bilzeran also prefers to shock. He owns an extensive collection of weapons and wants to cross the Atlantic in a rowing boat. However, at the same time he is the founder of the charity fund Wishes for Warriors, helping veterans. Bilzeran notes that there is always « kind to people who were injured defending the country. »

He stressed that, as a millionaire, knew the meaning of « wealth makes it miserable. »

« I already can not buy yourself a treat for the money. That’s why, I think, many people say that wealth makes unhappy. As long as you are poor, you still can buy something and enjoy. This is exactly « , – said bilzeran.

Therefore, he says, he was all the time necessary to look for ways to improve their bar.

Speaking about the upcoming elections in the US, bilzeran said that would prefer to see as president of the Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton.

« I do not always agree with his actions or words, but I like what he says is real and honest. It’s a little scary, but far less than politically correct incredible people who have all the right words. Therefore I prefer politics, speaking directly to me, even if I do not share his opinions, « – said » King instagrama « .

He added that some voters will vote for Trump just because Clinton: « It is not a good candidate. »

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