How to win in the «Spin & Go»: 5 Tips from a pro-player

 Nov, 04 - 2016   News

Tip №1 – Study the heads-up play

Learn the game heads-up as much as possible, I would tell all my free time, because this is the format – the « winner takes all ». The higher your level and the number of victories in the heads-apah, the more you get money on long distance.
For example, the site, which make the cool guys, you can find a lot of useful and free information, and special video for the money. I would recommend them to see.
Tip №2 – Make a convenient schedule

Instead of 7-hour sessions, as it did when you play MTT tournaments, I now use the 1.5-hour strike lengths, after which a break is required.
And so it is repeated regularly until I win back pre-planned daily quantity of spins. But if the game is not made up, I simply stop. Continue it you can at any time.
Tip №3 – Be in Focus

Playing in the back requires total care and concentration, because you have to play almost every hand.
ResizedImage 600401 0 WM bertrand grospellier 30578 Playing is always there.
We must constantly be « in focus » even for 3-4 hour sessions, otherwise you will immediately start to make mistakes, in other words – you lose money.
Limit the number of tables for simultaneous play, and completely cut down all that you can communicate with the outside world: social networks, instant messenger, Skype, phone and so on.
Tip №4 – make friends among the « spinners »

Try to make friends in the poker media, especially among those who play at the higher limits. Talk with them, study or discuss the distribution as often as possible.
Everyone thinks that they actually play better poker than it turns the tables (including me). In our time, the level of competition is so high that any assistance would have to court.
Remember that your opponents also have a coach, access to training sites, and videos.
So you want to play plus – then communicate with those who are better than you played in order to stay one step ahead of rivals.
Tip №5 – Do not make a fold on the button

Never mucked on the button in heads-up until someone does not give a clear signal that this is the best option. Play in position 100 times better than without it.
So it is better to limp before folding his hand on the button; from then on whether the opponent is trying to calculate it will be easier to isolate you from the bank by playing limp / raise with a strong range.

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