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Fish calls, sharks raise, the old principle in poker, which was formed during the existence of poker. Four professionals say their views on that.
Following is the text of the author of permanent PokerListings and famous poker player and journalist Lee Davey.
How to play call or raise?

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Of course, the answer depends on your situation. And in addition there is the habit of playing on autopilot and play all the situations on the same scenario.
When I was a very passive player. I always wanted to reach the showdown with minimal cost.
After a while, I took a few lessons to improve their game. Coach taught me to play more aggressively.
In my game I have aggression and began to raise steadily, and it affected the game logic. My coach told me that I have no idea what I was doing, but at the same time, this game was a nightmare for my opponents.
And today, I understand that you can not play in every situation the same way, this game will not lead to anything good. Each hand is a new story that needs to be step by step to learn before you make the next one, in this case, raise, call or throw a pass card.
So, how to play call or raise? I have no answer to this question, perhaps, these guys will help us.
Pascal Lefrancois

Jonathan Duhamel once told me that Pascal Lefrancois was the greatest tournament player in the world.
And I was not surprised when Marc-Andre Ladosyur included him in their team Montreal Nationals in the Global Poker League.
Lefransua Pascal Lefrancois.
This week I was playing $ 10- $ 20, the NL, and it seems to me, my opponent made a mistake in his game on the turn when he went all-in, but your best bet is to make the call for him.
Your opponent on the button raises to $ 45, I 3-bet with #Qs # 8s up to $ 175 from the small blind, the big blind takes off. Your opponent calls. Flop: #As 9 ♠ [2x]
I bet 1/3 pot and your opponent calls. Turn: [8x]
The pot is $ 620, I bet $ 440, the opponent pushes, going all-in with more than $ 1,100; I call. Villain shows # Ks # Ts.
It is clear that this is the position where you want to push your entire stack and thereby dislodge his opponent by pushing him.
But # # Ks Ts is pretty bad flush draw to shove in this situation on the turn, the best option here would be called.
These hands like 45, 56, 67 peak, as well as 7-10 and j10 rush better hands to push my bet of $ 440.
In the end I would like to add that a call here I like more than the rate. After all, our chances are great, and the call will be very profitable.

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