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Jonathan Little is the author of 16 books on poker coach, as well as a WPT Champion.
One major situation when the call is a better solution than re-raise when your hand in front of your opponent’s range, but will be back, if substantial money will be invested in the bank.
Little Jonathan Little.
For example, if kto-to raises in first position at a full table, all take off to you, and you’re in middle position with hands like T-T or A-Q, it is almost always you have to play made the call, if your stacks are deep enough.
If you feel that your hands are TT and AQ in front of your opponent’s range, if your re-raise your opponent will make a call or 4-bet, you usually will be back and most likely will be the loser.
To understand this point, let us assume that our opponent raises in first position with hands like 6-6, AK – A-J, A-Ts, K-Q, K-the Js, and several strong suited connectors. Against this range, our hands A-Q and T-T has about 52% equity.
If your opponent calls or 4-bets, our re-raise with AA – T-T or A-K and A-Q, we have about 40% equity. So, we would prefer to play in a small pot with 52% equity, either to steal the bank pre-flop or play a big pot with a 40% equity?
This is important especially in tournaments where it is necessary to minimize the risk that we squander the entire stack to such calls, even with hands on cards like AK and QQ
Do not enter into the habit of automatically re-raise with strong hands. Always try to reflect on how the events will develop, thanks to the actions we can take a good bank.

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